About Us
What is uanURL?
uanURL.com is another solution to make shorten your URL address. You can post Unique Alias Name (UAN) as much as you need.

Is uanURL is free to use?
Yes, it is. uanURL.com is free service.

What can I do with uanURL?
With our free service, you can redirect your link and make shortly your long URL address without ads.

Can I earn money?
Yes, you can. You just activate our PPV system on every links that you create as you want or refer others to multiply your earnings. Earn USD$0.5 per 1000 valid views, 20% from direct referrals and USD$0.5 per referral signup. Please see our Terms Of Service for more details.

A Solution for Internet Marketers
A solution that solves one of the BIGGEST problems for Internet Marketers on our free service with no price than other sites. Protect your affiliate links with short url and get a statistic on it. Track how many times each of your links or ads have been clicked. No upload file and no installation. Just put a new UAN link anywhere that your links will be tracked.

Short URL with Statistics
Get a statistic on every your alias name links. You can edit all of your long URL address any time. Try our free service to knows statistics of them without install any software or script on your sites.

How to Do
  Turn this URL :
http://www.unknownsiteintheworld.com/index.php?view=weblink& catid=38%3Aaffiliatelink&id=12%3Acloaker&option=com_affiliate&Itemid=79
  into this URL :
So, you just create myidev, unique alias name on uanURL.com in your link account.
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